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How to End Seo Gravity

Before you can implement promoting yourself or your business through any SEO (search engine optimization) tactics or strategies you must first have an online presence established via some type of virtual real estate such as a website or blog. You can find out more about blogs & how to attain your own domain for you blog by going to the “Blogging” section of this blog or if you’re ready to get your own blog domain click here.

Afterward, you must learn how to create content & update it regularly. To learn more about how to create content that attracts loyal buyers, go to the “Copywriting” section of this blog or click here. The objective of SEO’s to increase rank in the search engines(Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc…) & generate traffic to your blog by automatically informing(a.k.a pinging) search engines & directories whenever you update content on your blog via content distribution means such as: RSS(Really Simple Syndication) feeds, blog submission, social bookmarking & tagging.

There are many plugins available when using a WordPress blog for pinging. The plugin I’ve found to be most easily applicable to myself & many other users is the cbnet Ping Optimizer. It prevents spamming the ping sites on your list by not pinging the sites every time you edit your blog but only when you add a new post. Next, you have a RSS feed which allows readers to subscribe to and view your content on a web-based reader application. Some of the features & benefits of having an RSS feed are:

  • it’s a convenient way for web savvy users to access, display, & track multi-sites’ content,  resources  & headlines in one location without having to leave or click to other sites.
  • it can be used to automate your e-mail marketing by allowing you to post an e-mail subscriber form which enables subscibers to be notified everytime you post content to your blog.

There are many RSS feeds such as: Google, Yahoo, Feedburner, downloadable feed readers, etc… Also, many of the RSS feeds have analytical tools( stats, etc…) to track subscriber progression. My favorite choice is Feedburner which enhances other standard feeds via adding additional features such as tracking, e-mail notification, better subscription management & other feed tools. You can get Feedburner by going to their site @>Feedburner.com & sign up for a free account. After signing up for an account, follow the instructions for adding a feed. If you’re using a WordPress blog, you can add the “FD Feedburner Plugin” via the dashboard. You must validate your feed by submitting it for validation through the Feedburner.com website. To further promote your RSS feed, you can submit it to various feed submission sites or directories via 3 available options:

  1. Manual submission by typing, “list of rss feed submission sites” into any search engine.
  2. Assistance using RSS submission software.
  3. Outsourcing RSS feed submission.

One of the many benefits of RSS feed submission is that your content will get more circulation &  inbound links which increases chances of your content getting exposure on the home page of extremely high traffic sites such as Digg.com.

Social bookmarking’s a way to store, manage & share links to websites. Like most social media websites, people can vote or comment on your bookmarks. You can
also add “tags” to your bookmarked sites to help categorize your bookmarks.
Search engines love social bookmarked & social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking creates multiple inbound links from bookmarking sites giving your site/s more authority in their niche, increases traffic & ranking in the search engines.

There are many social bookmarking sites such as Delicious.com, Stumbleupon.com, Digg.com, etc… Always tag your content because in many cases when people bookmark your stuff,
their tags will automatically be entered with your tags. This is important because each tag
gets a page on the social bookmarking site, and this creates a relevant inbound link to your

There are bookmarking tools such as Socialmarker.com, Bookmarkingdemon.com, etc.. which will semi-automate / automate the bookmarking process for you. To learn more about how to use social bookmarking to ascend the search engines & generate tsunami-type traffic that can kindle and explode your business like a brushfire with accelerating winds, click here!

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