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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting’s the art of crafting an effective, written sales presentation. To get your copy initiated or enhanced, here’s some tips:

  •  Mastering the art of crafting EFFECTIVE copy’s the closest to picking money off a tree!
  • PROFESSIONAL copywriters who are broke’s extinct.
  • ANYONE can learn copywriting.
  • Have great CONFIDENCE in your ability to write successful copy.
  • Understand & become MORE knowledgeable about your business, product, or service than anyone else.
  • Hire people who like writing MORE than you.
  • Be OPEN-minded to copywriting tips or advice from someone who’s perceived to be more knowledgeable than you.
  • Always split-TEST your copy.
  • Having intuitive insight from experience in your business, gives you a writing ADVANTAGE over competitors.
  • Gary Bencivenga: ‘No one buys without BELIEF‘.
  • Constant, convincingly ATTRACTIVE content will produce a professional copywriter.
  • The sale STARTS from addressing the pain & fear which the person’s trying to avoid or the need & pleasure they want to attain…
  • Always ‘PITCH’ for the sale in your advertisements.
  • The Ed Mayer rule states that 40% of the sale consists of targeting the people who WANT your product or service…
  • Copy will MULTIPLY your sales.
  • Increase the VALUE of the offer by over-delivering.
  • A method which’s used in headlines to draw attention’s the ‘SHOCK’ effect…
  • A pursuasive technique which’s used in body content’s the ‘Inspire’ tactic…
  • Keys to ATTRACTIVE content are: be conversational, interesting, post daily…
  • Method’s used in blogs are APPLICABLE to e-mails.

And much more…

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