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A blog(short for weblog) is an online publishing platform that allows publishers(bloggers) to create & post content. A means of posting content & updating it regularly w/o having to become a designer. Some blogs are personal in nature w/o any readers & others cover various topics with millions of daily visitors. A normal blog‘s designed to be an information resource. For the online entrepreneur, there are two activities that produce income directly: email marketing & prospecting.

Designed for maximum conversion, your blog‘ll be the marketing launchpad & home of traffic or income derived from these(e-mail marketing & prospecting) activities. Positioning yourself to get in front of your target audience & driving traffic to your blog via advertising means such as: articles, ads, banners, social media sites, PPC & SEO, etc… is critical to your success online. The major advantages, benefits & reasons why an online entrepreneur must have a blog are:

  • It’ll generate TARGETED leads for your business via highly-crafted capture pages.
  • It’ll allow you to establish Camaraderies & strengthen ALLIANCES with those leads & other Entrepreneurs through rapport building via providing valuable information & communication.
  • It’ll allow you to passively market you & your business via advertising means such as: Social Media sites, PPC, SEO, etc…
  • It will allow you to BUILD a List, which YOU will own.
  • It will allow you to discreetly Market online in compliance, with a reduced risk of violating your network marketing company’s policies & procedures by acting as a generic buffer between your online activities & your company.
  • It allows you to take advantage of the power of having Multiple STREAMS of Income.
  • It allows you to Automate the sales process of products or services.
  • It allows you to easily integrate with social media sites, tools, & plugins.
  • It allows you to easily post content such as: html, articles, Videos, banners, ads, etc…
  • It’s strategically designed to organize Keyword rich content to get top rankings for SEO PPC strategies.
  • It allows you to engage your audience via comment & feedback solicitation.
  • It’s an Income Tax Deduction, Virtual Real Estate, Charity & LEGACY!

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